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      Complex treatment is possible only for children older than 12 years old.
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    • Destination description

      Mariánské Lázně means beautiful spa parks, romantic colonnades, charming pavilions, pleasant cafes and cozy hotels. The town is endowed with many healing mineral springs and revels in a unique atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to soak up this atmosphere. It is a place where history meets today and where a pleasant holiday means everything from spa relaxation through to actively participating in sports & walks and finally ending your day relaxing to a variety of entertainment programs.

      No visit would be complete without a visit to the town's theatre or a performance of the West Bohemia Symphony Orchestra. You will also find a visit to the town Museum an eye opener, you can drop into the library, the cinema, a gallery or one of the music clubs. Mariánské Lázně is also enjoyed by admirers of its varied architecture. Besides the spa parks, the dominant and iconic structure of the town is the Colonnade of Maxim Gorkij with its lofty cast iron construction and wooden ceiling. A memorable part of the spa Colonnade is its breathtaking Singing Fountain. On every odd hour the fountain dances to one of many famous compositions played throughout the day. In the evening this already impressive show takes on a new visual dimension as the fountain cascades with even more vibrance from a colorful illumination eminating from lights embedded beneath the water.

      This town and surrounding region can also satisfy the sports enthusiasts amongst its visitors. The magnificent natural beauty of the nature reserve Slavkovský les that surrounds Mariánské Lázně is perfect for hiking, Nordic walking or taking an exhilarating bike ride. For golf players too, this town offers a memorable opportunity to experience a game at one of the oldest golf courses in Europe. The eighteen hole course of the Royal Golf Club in Mariánské Lázně was awarded its 'Royal' title by Queen Elisabeth II of England. The winter season here also offers visitors plently of opportunities for cross country and downhill skiers. The downhill slopes at Skiareál Mariánky reaches lengths of up to 1600 mts and offers terrains of several difficulty levels.

      Within the town and its surroundings rise around one hundread mineral springs, containing carbon dioxide and mineral salts. They are cold ferrous mineral waters. Driking treatments mostly use the main 6 mineral springs:Cross (Křížový), Rudolf, Karolina, Forest (Lesní), Ambrose and Ferdinand.

      Indications and Counter-Indications

      Locomotive System Disorders

      Vertebrogenous algic syndrome (backache), degenerative disorders of locomotive system (spine and large joints), osteoporosis, post-operation conditions following orthopaedic surgery (endoprothesis).

      Disorders of the Kidneys and of the Urinary Tract

      Chronic inflammations, conditions following operations of kidney and urinary stones or crushing them with shockwaves, kidney and urinary tract post-operation conditions, prostate disorders (inflammations, post-operation conditions).

      Respiratory Disorders

      Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, nasal allergies, post-operation conditions of the lower air passages.

      Metabolic Disorders

      Obesity, gout, constipation, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipoproteinaemia.

      Gynaecological Disorders, including the Treatment of Sterility

      Vulvouterine inflammatory disorders, gynaecological post-operation conditions, sterility, infertility, climacteric syndrome and urine incontinence.

      Oncological Disorders

      Rehabilitation of patients following completed treatment of breast cancer, cancer of the genitalia or other oncological disorders (except for malignant blood diseases).

      Spa Treatment - Secondary Diagnosis
      Thanks to natural medicinal sources, it is possible to successfully treat as a secondary diagnosis; hypertension, ischaemic heart diseases, ischaemic disorders of lower limbs, potency disorders.

      • pregnancy
      • acute and infectious disorders
      • malignant tumours during the cure and thereafter, with clinically detected symptoms of persistent disorders
      • repetitive bleeding of any kind
      • incapacity of self-attendance and daily functions without the assistance of another person and independent walking incapacity
      • alcohol addiction, drug addiction
      Information and Advice for Spa Guests
      • Always consult with a doctor, as to which spa procedures are suitable for you.
      • Always consult with your doctor about a drinking cure. Never drink more mineral water than is prescribed by your doctor.
      • In the case that a spa procedure is not suitable or pleasant for you, inform your doctor.
      • Your cure plan is controlled by computer. Therefore keep to the reserved times of spa procedures. If you can not keep a reserved time, inform the spa hotel surgery.
      • All problems, which may occur during the cure, are to be solved immediately ‘at the place’ with the management.
      • Peat pack is a spa procedure, which represents a heavy stress on the heart and blood vessels disorders. Regarding the suitability of a peat wrap, it must always be decided by a doctor.
      • Never change a medicament therapy from your home doctor without a doctor’s approval.
      • On the third or fourth day there can often occur a so called ‘spa reaction’, which means that you can temporarily feel worse.
      • Rudolf spring is not suitable for patients with phosphate kidney stones.
      • Maria’s spring is not a mineral water spring, but natural medicinal gas, which is used for dry CO2 gas baths (wraps) and dry CO2 gas application.
    • Region description

      SPA TREATMENT and Czech SPA resorts
      Numerous mineral springs on the territory of the Czech Republic have been used for medicinal purposes since the 15th century. Located in picturesque natural landscapes, Czech spa resorts are attractive for their treatment and their unique spa architecture.

      The Czech Republic has about 40 certified spa resorts; the most famous are spa towns of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, Jáchymov, Třeboň and Luhačovice. Each of the spa resorts has its specifics, and you are welcomed to each of them.

      Long before their official recognition by the emperor Charles IV in the 14th century, the healing power of the West Bohemian hot mineral springs was well known by the local inhabitants. For centuries, the European royalties, great artists, politicians and other celebrities of their time visited West Bohemian spa towns to seek treatment.

      Hot mineral spring water together with modern, as well as centuries proven, procedures have been successfully used to treat diseases of stomach, bowels, liver, metabolism, as well as respiratory organ diseases, women diseases and problems of circulatory system. Modern hydro-procedures have been used to successfully reduce weight and cellulite. Treatment is administered completely naturally, without the use of pills or artificial chemicals.

      Where to treat and what
      In the Czech Republic it is possible to treat everything because every one of the 36 spas have specialization in different afflictions or a group of afflictions. Whatever your afflictions you will find spas where you can get rid of them. (for a full description see in the enclosed file)
      • Gastrointestinal tract diseases: Karlovy Vary, Luhačovice
      • Oncological Deseases (For Recuperation After a Treatment Only): Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Luhačovice
      • Diseases of circulatory system: Františkovy Lázně, Poděbrady, Teplice, Jeseník
      • Diseases caused by metabolic and endocrinological disorders: Karlovy Vary, Poděbrady, Luhačovice, Mariánské Lázně
      • Non- specific diseases of respiratory system: Mariánské Lázně, Luhačovice, Jeseník
      • Neurological disorders: Jánské Lázně, Jáchymov, Teplice, Lázně Belohrad
      • Diseases of musculoskeletal system: Jáchymov, Teplice, Třeboň, Lázně Bělohrad, Piešťany (Slovak Republic)...
      • Diseases of urinary tract: Mariánské Lázně
      • Mental disorders: Jeseník
      • Skin diseases: Smrdáky (Slovak Repulic), Lázně Lipová
      • Female diseases: Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně

      CZECH SPAS - indications overview
    • Country description

      Czech Republic
      Before travelling to a destination you have never been to before, it is advisable to get hold of some basic information in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. We have prepared a summary of everything a foreigner might need in the Czech Republic. We will advise you what clothes you should take with you, how to connect to the Internet in the Czech Republic, what the Czech crown exchange rate is, which credit cards can be used, and also what sort of tips should be paid in restaurants…<<<CzechTourism.com

      Основная информация
      • Capital: Prague 
      • Population: 10 500 000  
      • Territory: 78 867 km²
      • Official language: чешский
      • Currency: Czech Crown.  
      • Time zone: UTC +1 (summer UTC +2)
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    Marianske Lazne
    • Check-in: 14:00 o'clock, Check-out: 12:00 o'clock. 
      Complex treatment is possible only for children older than 12 years old.
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