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Company information
Company Address:   KZET Travel s.r.o.
Opletalova 4
113 76 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Administrative Contacts:   E-mail:
E-mail: (accounting dept.)
Company Registration:   Comp. Id.: 24827410,
Tax Id.: CZ24827410
Company is registered in Prague
(file C-178019)
Bank accounts:   BANK: Citfin s.d., Prague, Czech Republic
Account for $, €, CZK: 1011641 / 2060

EUR IBAN: CZ09 2060 0000 0000 0101 1641
USD IBAN: CZ09 2060 0000 0000 0101 1641

Department contacts

Reservation department

all reservations, special offers, capacities, service providers, contract evidence etc.... main operative contacts… Our general department with common centralized contacts but physically located in all our Czech offices. This department deals with all reservations of all services ordered and organized over our company. Processing also all services and requests from partners, suppliers et

Office KZET Travel in Kazakhstan

  • Tel/Fax: +7 (727) 2784572
  • Satpayeva 18v

(full partner support team in Almaty, including VISA support, front end for local reservation and orders processing)

Client’s service contacts and hot lines in Czech Republic:

  • Hot line - services: + 420 - 777 212 301 (WhatsApp)
  • Hot line - transfers: + 420 - 777 212 301 (WhatsApp)

Main contacts to reach our client service managers who are usually in close contact with clients and organize meeting and transfer of each client.

We organize and manage our direct client support and services from our offices in Karlovy Vary and Prague. But please except contacts above try to use contacts which you have received on voucher or contacts included in arrival package as they are most valid for each case.

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Our offices:

Opletalova 4, Czech Republic,
Tel: +420 777 212 301


Satpayeva 18v, Kazakhstan,
Tel/Fax: +7 (327) 2784572
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