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Our offer includes standard accommodation possibilities in majority of cities and towns. Exceptional offer you can find among the main Czech spa destinations. Our superior offer of spa and treatment stays is also accessible by our online interface.   

We provide transfers from any European airport to any hotel of your choice and back, as well as individual transfers to any town in the Czech Republic or Europe. Some most requeted routes we offer also on GRP basis.

All main service packages can be accompanied by our additional services (client service, transfers, excursions and others). Select from offered variety of prepared packages, or just ask and realise what we can prepare for you.
We are ready to arrange any accommodation according to your unique requests as well. For our superior spa offer just select "Czech spas" as region on search form. Do not hesitate and take advantage of our special offers, or contacts us with your specific requests.
Meeting at airport and after arrival information package and assistance are also included. We guarantee full service on all our transfers. Individual transferes are priced per car and group transfers, priced priced per person, are also available for selected routes.
Range of available offers varies according to selected destination and we are always ready to help you to select the right one. Just rely  on our recommendations, we care about your wishes and interests.
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