IND Departure Transfer (VIE Airport)

IND = per car basis standard transfer 
Transfer is provided on per car basis. For client or given group of clients we provide car with driver. Transfer is provided individually and clients shall not wait other tourists. There is limit: max 7 persons in one car.
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120.00 EUR EUR
Per person
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    Standard transfer –  Arrival (one way)
    • per car (IND) basis
    • Arrival rate including only route from Wien Airport to the hotel including meeting and check in assistance. 
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    • 120.00 EUR
      Per person
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      "Piestany / hotel >>> VIE_Airp. >>> ", Transfer (one way)
    • Basic

      One time feeMin. personsMin stay01.10. - 01.04.
      01.04. - 01.10.
      1. Transfer "Piestany / hotel >>> VIE_Airp. >>> "
      Transfer (one way)
      11 120.00 120.00
    • Region description


      Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. Slovakia's territory spans about 49,000 square kilometres (19,000 sq mi) and is mostly mountainous. The population is over 5 million and comprises mostly ethnic Slovaks. The capital and largest city is Bratislava. The official language is Slovak, a member of the Slavic language family.

      The Slavs arrived in the territory of present-day Slovakia in the 5th and 6th centuries. In the 7th century, they played a significant role in the creation of Samo's Empire and in the 9th century established the Principality of Nitra. In the 10th century, the territory was integrated into the Kingdom of Hungary, which itself became part of the Habsburg Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After World War I and the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Slovaks and Czechs established Czechoslovakia. A separate Slovak Republic (1939–1945) existed in World War II as a client state of Nazi Germany. In 1945, Czechoslovakia was reestablished under communist rule as a Soviet satellite. Slovakia became an independent state on 1 January 1993 after the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

      The Slovak landscape is noted primarily for its mountainous nature, with the Carpathian Mountains extending across most of the northern half of the country. Amongst these mountain ranges are the high peaks of the Fatra-Tatra Area (including Tatra Mountains, Greater Fatra and Lesser Fatra), Slovak Ore Mountains, Slovak Central Mountains or Beskids. The largest lowland is the fertile Danubian Lowland in the southwest, followed by the Eastern Slovak Lowland in the southeast.

      Public holidays in Slovakia

      1 January (1993) - Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic
      6 January Epiphany (The Three Magi and Christmas Day of Orthodox Christians)
      March, April Good Friday
      March, April Easter Monday
      1 May (1886) International Workers' Day
      8 May (1945) Day of victory over fascism
      5 July (863) St. Cyril and Methodius Day
      29 August (1944) Slovak National Uprising anniversary
      1 September (1992) Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic
      15 September Day of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, patron saint of Slovakia
      1 November All Saints’ Day
      17 November (1989/1939) Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day Deň boja za slobodu a demokraciu
      24 December Christmas Eve Štedrý deň
      25 December Christmas Day
      26 December St. Stephen's Day

      Curative waters abound in Slovakia: water heavy in therapeutic minerals, thermal springs and delicious mountain sources.
      Each spa location features water specific to one or more health conditions, but each tends to draw the general public as well. Hotels in the area welcome those who wish to stay longer, and to take advantage of complete treatments, but day visitors also enjoy coming to bathe, to drink the waters and just to relax in the lovely surroundings.

    IND Departure Transfer (VIE Airport)
    Public code
    Standard transfer –  Arrival (one way)
    • per car (IND) basis
    • Arrival rate including only route from Wien Airport to the hotel including meeting and check in assistance. 
    IND Departure Transfer (VIE Airport)
    Transfer, "Piestany / hotel >>> VIE_Airp. >>> ", TR-16-1
    Price from 120.00 EUR (One time fee)
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