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The trip is possible in Russian language only.
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    The trip is possible in Russian language only.


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    • Destination description

       Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is a spa city situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic, on the confluence of the rivers Ohře and Teplá, approximately 130 km (81 mi) west of Prague (Praha). It is named after King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, who founded the city in 1370. It is historically famous for its hot springs (13 main springs, about 300 smaller springs, and the warm-water Teplá River).
      In the 19th century, it became a popular tourist destination, especially for international celebrities visiting for spa treatment. The city is also known for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the popular Czech liqueur Karlovarská Becherovka. The glass manufacturer Moser Glass is located in Karlovy Vary. The city has also given its name to the famous delicacy known as "Carlsbad plums". These plums (usually Quetsch) are candied in hot syrup, then halved and stuffed into dried damsons; this gives them a very intense flavour.
      The city has been used as the location for a number of film-shoots, including the 2006 films Last Holiday and box-office hit Casino Royale, both of which used the city's Grandhotel Pupp in different guises.

      The balneotherapy provided in Karlovy Vary comprises a number of curative procedures. Treatment exploits centuries-proven thermal baths and drinking cure as well as modern methods cryotherapy, floating, laser therapy, etc. Both traditional spa treatment and i wellness takes place in sanatoriums and hotels.

      Indication of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment
      The complex Karlovy Vary treatment is designed for the ill suffering mainly from these problems:
      • Digestive tract diseases 
      Ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum, intestinal problems, conditions after surgery of the intestines, stomach, gallbladder, chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines.
      • Metabolic diseases
      Diabetes, obesity, fat metabolism malfunctions, gout
      • Kinetic apparatus diseases
      Degenerative problems of the spine and large joints
      • Oncologic diseases
      Cancer of stomach, colon, recto sigma, rectum, anus, breast (after completion of a complex antitumor treatment without clinical signs of activity)

      UIn case of other illnesses, the Karlovy Vary mineral water is a suitable natural curative source (NCS):
      • Circulator system diseases
      Natural carbonated mineral water, natural source of carbon dioxide, etc.
      • Non-tuberculosis diseases of respiratory system
      Natural sodium chloride mineral water, natural sodium bicarbonate mineral water, etc.

      The Ten Rules of the Karlovy Vary Drinking Cure. 
      Karlovy Vary thermal water is a complex, highly concentrated mixture of natural substances. It is not designed for ongoing or uncontrolled use. 
      1. It is recommended to use Karlovy Vary thermal mineral water only after consulting a spa physician with appropriate erudition
      2. To achieve maximum therapeutic effects, it is recommended to use Karlovy Vary thermal mineral water nearby the places where springs flow open.
      3. It is recommended to use Karlovy Vary thermal mineral water only from traditionally shaped porcelain or glass cups.
      4. It is not advised to combine a therapeutic cure with the consumption of alcohol or tobacco smoking. Passive smoking should be avoided too.
      5. Drinking cure includes physical activity too. It is recommended to digest Karlovy Vary thermal mineral water while walking slowly.
      6. Drinking cure should be taken when you feel fully relaxed and not in a hurry.
      7. It is recommended to repeat drinking cure at intervals set by your physician.
      8. Drinking cure is a small ceremony during which other clients must not be disturbed.
      9. Mineral water cannot be used to water surrounding plants or be discharged onto the colonnade floor.
      10. When taking spring water from a spring vase beware that it is not allowed, out of hygienic reasons, to touch the spring stand or the discharge tubes.
    • Region description

      SPA TREATMENT and Czech SPA resorts
      Numerous mineral springs on the territory of the Czech Republic have been used for medicinal purposes since the 15th century. Located in picturesque natural landscapes, Czech spa resorts are attractive for their treatment and their unique spa architecture.

      The Czech Republic has about 40 certified spa resorts; the most famous are spa towns of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, Jáchymov, Třeboň and Luhačovice. Each of the spa resorts has its specifics, and you are welcomed to each of them.

      Long before their official recognition by the emperor Charles IV in the 14th century, the healing power of the West Bohemian hot mineral springs was well known by the local inhabitants. For centuries, the European royalties, great artists, politicians and other celebrities of their time visited West Bohemian spa towns to seek treatment.

      Hot mineral spring water together with modern, as well as centuries proven, procedures have been successfully used to treat diseases of stomach, bowels, liver, metabolism, as well as respiratory organ diseases, women diseases and problems of circulatory system. Modern hydro-procedures have been used to successfully reduce weight and cellulite. Treatment is administered completely naturally, without the use of pills or artificial chemicals.

      Where to treat and what
      In the Czech Republic it is possible to treat everything because every one of the 36 spas have specialization in different afflictions or a group of afflictions. Whatever your afflictions you will find spas where you can get rid of them. (for a full description see in the enclosed file)
      • Gastrointestinal tract diseases: Karlovy Vary, Luhačovice
      • Oncological Deseases (For Recuperation After a Treatment Only): Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Luhačovice
      • Diseases of circulatory system: Františkovy Lázně, Poděbrady, Teplice, Jeseník
      • Diseases caused by metabolic and endocrinological disorders: Karlovy Vary, Poděbrady, Luhačovice, Mariánské Lázně
      • Non- specific diseases of respiratory system: Mariánské Lázně, Luhačovice, Jeseník
      • Neurological disorders: Jánské Lázně, Jáchymov, Teplice, Lázně Belohrad
      • Diseases of musculoskeletal system: Jáchymov, Teplice, Třeboň, Lázně Bělohrad, Piešťany (Slovak Republic)...
      • Diseases of urinary tract: Mariánské Lázně
      • Mental disorders: Jeseník
      • Skin diseases: Smrdáky (Slovak Repulic), Lázně Lipová
      • Female diseases: Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně

      CZECH SPAS - indications overview
    • Country description

      Czech Republic
      Before travelling to a destination you have never been to before, it is advisable to get hold of some basic information in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. We have prepared a summary of everything a foreigner might need in the Czech Republic. We will advise you what clothes you should take with you, how to connect to the Internet in the Czech Republic, what the Czech crown exchange rate is, which credit cards can be used, and also what sort of tips should be paid in restaurants…<<<

      Основная информация
      • Capital: Prague 
      • Population: 10 500 000  
      • Territory: 78 867 km²
      • Official language: чешский
      • Currency: Czech Crown.  
      • Time zone: UTC +1 (summer UTC +2)
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    The trip is possible in Russian language only.
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